Monday, October 1, 2007

6'1" Flying Fish a.k.a Nanofish

Core: Austin Foam EPS
Glassing: Carbon-Fuzed Epoxy, Bottom 6 oz., Deck 6+4 oz

This one was glassed in a new resin formulation we're testing.


Neil said...

20071006, Bay St. -

Fantastic day in Santa Monica. Waist-chest high waves peeling in rare form. Got a couple 20-second rights!

The Nanofish was great. Shape is dialed. Pretty much exactly like the LA turdfish with the quad setup, except the Futures seem to be just a smidge faster.

I couldn't detect any difference at all in terms of the performance of the resin. Seemed functionally exactly like normal epoxy. No new dings, held up well. Will take it out again tomorrow.

ERL_Shaper said...

110607, Topanga Pt.

South swell started to fill in today, for set waves in the chest high range. Scored a set wave that swung wide and closed out on the pack. The Nanofish was super fast down the line and took me for one of the fastest and longest rides (100 yds easy) I've had at Topanga in a long while. After a quick bottom turn, all I had to do was engage the rail and I was off. The board carved nicely in the face of the wave. Pushing off the rail helped generate even more speed to make it through sections on the inside. Really dig the feel of the quad in a good wave. People in the lineup kept commenting on how fast I was going on the fish. One dude even said I had the wave of the day....

ERL_Shaper said...

110707, Sunset

Inconsistent south swell with sets in the chest to shoulder range. Caught a few mushy ones from the point to the beach on the Nanofish. Surprisingly fast in the typical Sunset type mushy rampy wave. The board easily skates around sections. I kept getting dropped in on by longboarders who thought I wouldn't make it around them, but wound up making every section. If it weren't so damn crowded, would've had more fun on it today.