Tuesday, September 4, 2007

6'1" Modern fish (aka Turdfish)

Dims: 6'1"x21_7/8"x2_3/4"
Core: Austin Foam EPS
Glassing Schedule: Resin Research Epoxy, Bottom 6 oz., Deck 6+4 oz.

Neil and I sat down and designed this one together on APS3000 for LA type crappy surf. Custom graphics by Neil and Luki provide a statement about the sad current state of affairs in Santa Monica Bay. Optional quad setup but may go best as a twin.


Neil said...

First Sesh: 20070901, El Porto -
Had a quad set up on, M-5s on the side and GXs in the center. Was a bit slow and too stable, I wanted sharper turns. Still super fun! Really easy to paddle and catch waves. Crazy floaty.

Neil said...

Second Sesh: 20070902, Bay St. -
Put on Rey's green quad set with much smaller center fins. Exactly what I wanted: sharper turns than I've ever had, a little skatey, faster. The thing can take little crumblies, peelers, death drops... it don't matta to tha Turdfish! Love it! Will probably try a twin fin just to see what it's like.

The board probably could lose a little volume and still be fine (for v2), it is crazy fat.

Saw a burnt out dude on the beach who asked who shaped it, and I said I did. He flipped out and couldn't stop talking about how beautiful it was. Said the first board that he shaped was "unrideable." No one better ever doubt Rey's teaching ability, or they'll have me to answer to!

Neil said...

20070908, Bay St. -
Tried twin fin M-5s today, and I think this is the setup that works best with this board. Unfortunately, we were getting pounded out there today... but on the few shoulders that I did catch this thing turned fast, and it was super easy to skate up to the lips. Super floaty but super easy to throw around. I love it! In better waves I think it'll be unstoppable.

Bottom line is: setting it up for quads allows for versatility. Twin fin is perfectly skatey, quad setup with small center fins gives a little more stability. I'm sticking with the twin fin for now.

ERL_Shaper said...

rode the turd in 1-3 ft mushy zuma. easy to paddle into waves, and super loose with the twinny m5 setup. super skatey and felt like i was alomost snowboarding or wakeboarding where turning on your rail is most effective. FUN! making one now as a demo.

Neil said...

20071028, Bay St. -
Two things of note today...

1) Waves were small and mushy, but the Turd still took them fast. Performed in crap waves like a true Turdfish would.

2) Marcin and I smacked boards at one point, and the Turd came out of it without any obvious dings. Looks like it holds up pretty well.