Friday, November 21, 2008

Feedback from Dave Rastovich

Just to recap: legendary free surfer, Dave Rastovich was generous enough to test a "Nomad" shape bioboard in Indo. Back in July of this past summer, we drove down to meet Dave in the dark moonlit parking lot of a local mexican restaurant in Leucadia, CA. We talked shop for a couple hours with Dave about boards, materials, and shared construction ideas. He's very informed and knowledgable when it comes to board construction and has put some serious thought into what he rides. So for us, he was one of the most ideal testers to see what our boards could do.

Dave was able to share his feedback with us after his month long jaunt in Indo. We're glad he liked the's some of the positive words he had to say:

"Just got home from Indo- had many sessions on the board .... Weight feels great! The buoyancy of the sugar foam in the water is a little more than standard PU foam, though not as buoyant as Extruded Styrofoam etc.. I felt the foam was a great buoyancy for me.

Strength was great, very few depressions on the deck from my feet, which is great, cause I usually put my feet through boards that aren't strong. Also, I rode the board at 6 ft Macaroni's, 8ft plus HT's and 5ft Kandui. These were all days that were very powerful and hollow, I didn't come out of lots of tubes and the board never broke. So I feel that the foam is quite strong in that regard as I really put it to the test over there......

SHAPE- The board went super fast. It was a little slow to throw around when hitting the lip, but down the line it went very fast and held a strong line. There is a little extra weight and size than I am used to so I think that is what made it feel a little slow off the top. Though in the tube, down the line, off the bottom and through cutbacks the board felt strong, responsive and fast.

All round I am stoked on it and feel you guys have something that is successful.....

Talk soon guys. Stoked on the craft. I will send through a shot or two...

dr "

Thanks to Dave for sharing his thoughts and helping us progress!