Sunday, November 8, 2009

Surf Sap - High Gloss Polish

Our latest in sustainable epoxy systems, Surf Sap. Ideal for surfboard production and other wet layup applications requiring low color, fast, ambient cure, and easy workabilty. Also polishes to a high gloss finish.

Friday, October 30, 2009

12' SUPs for Kukio

We built these behemoth paddleboards for the Kukio Club on the Big Island of Hawaii. 12' x 31" x 4 5/8". Features: Bamboo & FSC certified Maple Deck Veneers, Entropy's Super Sap Epoxy (Pine based Bio-Epoxy) Lamination. Vent plugs and handles.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Biolos bio-epoxy board for Jeremy Sherwin

A 6'0" Wardo shaped by Matt Biolos for Jeremy Sherwin. A special experimental bio-epoxy resin & glassing by Entropy. Pro-Box fins.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Glen Kennedy / Entropy Collab

Veteran Shaper, and all-around nice guy, Glen Kennedy shaped this 9'4" performance noserider for our friend, Greg Horwitz. We did the bioboard bamboo treatment to the deck and glassed it in our latest version of the bio-epoxy, specifically geared toward production glassing.......

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bioboard review from ZSS's Kai Sanson

Stoked to have built this 9'0" whip for "LA's best Surf Instructor" (by LA weekly), Kai Sanson of Zuma Surf and Swim Training. Lucky for us the board surfed really well for Kai. Here's some of the nice things he had to say: 

Thanks Kai!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Introducing the Alaia Lite - By Gary Young

Okay, so maybe Alaias are the new SUP. Yet another hawaiian wave sliding form has been adapted and evolved to fit modern surfing. Tom Wegener was announced Shaper of the Year for 2009 by Surfing Magazine, for his reintroduction of the ancient hawaiian board. You Tube videos of pros and everyday surfers ripping on these 1" thick planks are now populating the internet faster than Starbucks in a strip mall. But how hard is it to surf one of these, let alone paddle into a wave?

Actually, it's kinda hard.

Enter the "Alaia-Lite". Our friend and shaper from the Big Island, Gary Young, came up with this version of an eco-tech, high-performance Alaia. Gary, aka the godfather of compsand construction, has been building sandwich construction boards long before Surftech created the "Tuflite". The Alaia-Lite has a foam core, wood sandwich construction, made of locally harvested and reclaimed wood from Hawaii. No fiberglass is used whatsoever. All-in, a 6'6" weighs as little as 6 lbs, shedding much weight from its solid wood cousins.

The goal here was to make an Alaia that would actually float, making paddling and wave catching a little easier. Alaias open up a whole new approach to surfing. They're finless, which means you can go really fast, making sections and surfing in shallows. Surf it laying down, standing up.....crappy beach breaks, super fast points, small lake waves. You'll have fun no matter what the condition.

Entropy is stoked to offer Gary's Alaia-Lites here in California. Get in touch, and we'll hook you up, or let you demo one.

Carve Designs / Title 9 Contest Board

Here's a handshape we did for our friends at Carve Designs and Title Nine for a special online contest. 7'4" x 20" x 2 3/4". Custom fabric inlay from their swimsuits came out looking killer. 

Thanks Ladies!