Sunday, October 19, 2008

Entropy on Extreme Scence, KNBR 1050 AM radio

Desi and I did a fun little interview on the Extreme Scene Radio show with hosts/pro athletes Cyrus Saatsaz, Steve Blankenship, and Omar Etchevery. Super cool and entertaining guys. Desi even got to hang out and talk throughout the show. Much thanks to the Extreme Scene guys for helping us get the word out!

Extreme Scene page:

click here to launch iTunes and download the free podcasts (see Oct 18th, Segments 1-4):

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hess / Entropy Collab @ Sacred Craft Show, Oct. 11 & 12

We're honored and stoked that Danny Hess included us in a project for this year's Sacred Craft show. Danny is a renowned craftsman / surfer / environmentalist who has been building beautiful wooden surfboards long before green was in.

He built this little thruster from all sustainable and salvaged woods. We're glassing the board and his hand foiled bamboo fins with our bio-epoxy. It's being auctioned off for charity. Come check it out at Sacred Craft in Del Mar, CA. on Oct 11 & 12.

Also pictured is a 6'4" version of the Nomad we had built for Rasta to demo. Bamboo inlay.

Update: Here's the feedback we got from Danny about the collaborative board we glassed for him (10/29/09):

"I've really been impressed with the resin. Impressive impact strength and elongation. I've been loaning this demo board out for the last couple years. It's been to Japan and Indo. Not a single pressure ding or ding of any kind. "

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Under the Sun Movie

We recently co-sponsored Cyrus Sutton's new surf documentary tour called "Under the Sun". Cyrus is a really talented surfer/artist/director who's been doing some really great stuff both in and out of the surf scene. His latest movie documents the dichotomy of two surf regions in Australia....Byron Bay and the Gold Coast. Check it out:

Here's a cool little flextail we glassed for Cyrus and his shaper, Jake Moss (Moss Research Surfboards). We glassed it in our signature Eco-System construction: Ice-9 Sugar Foam, organic hemp deck patch, and bio-epoxy resin.

If you happen to be going to the Sacred Craft show this month, they'll be screening Cyrus' movie throughout the weekend.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Entropy featured in Forbes Magazine

A writeup about Entropy in the Entrepreneur section of the Sept'08 issue of Forbes magazine.

Bioboard put to the test in Tavarua

Here's our take on the ever popular bat tail quad.....bioboard style!
Dims: 6'5" x 19 1/2" x 2 5/8"
Weight 6.5 lbs.

Ice9 Cane Formula foam, Hemp deck patch, Bioepoxy lamination. We installed the Pro-Box fin boxes (w/ adjustable fin cant) setup with Futures Vector II's Scimitar 451 fins (Thanks to Larry Allison).

This board wound up going with our friend Jay Robertson from the Big Island of Hawaii on his 2 week jaunt to Tavarua. Although this shape was more geared toward mushy, smaller wave punting, it got put to the test in heaving overhead barrels anyway. Jay said he was really amazed by the board's durability and passed it around to friends. Lucky for us, prolific surf photog and Tavarua pioneer, Tom Servais, was there to capture Jay getting some insane cover-ups (see above photos). 

Here's what one of his friends from Oahu, Dolan, had to say about it:

"..... I rode the quad fin you gave Jay and was impressed with the construction quality and design. The board was a bit wide in the tail for me and the barreling waves we had but rode fast and was able to turn it in the critical turns, again the tail made hard turns a bit difficult but that may have been because we had such good fast waves....What I can tell you is my overall impression of the materials. I am very impressed with the materials you're using and was talking it up within our group. The board was light and stiff and had a overall good aesthetic appeal. I recall seeing absolutely no deck pressures after a week of surfing hollow waves and hard turns. The material is strong and light. As an environmentally-oriented person I am willing to sacrifice a little bit of flex in the blank in order to have a more environmentally sustainabale board that is not toxic and will last longer than the typical polyester board. I have a bunch of old boards under the house I never surf because they are old beat up and have huge pressures on the deck and the like. I would much rather have a couple of good boards that last a long time. "