Friday, October 3, 2008

Hess / Entropy Collab @ Sacred Craft Show, Oct. 11 & 12

We're honored and stoked that Danny Hess included us in a project for this year's Sacred Craft show. Danny is a renowned craftsman / surfer / environmentalist who has been building beautiful wooden surfboards long before green was in.

He built this little thruster from all sustainable and salvaged woods. We're glassing the board and his hand foiled bamboo fins with our bio-epoxy. It's being auctioned off for charity. Come check it out at Sacred Craft in Del Mar, CA. on Oct 11 & 12.

Also pictured is a 6'4" version of the Nomad we had built for Rasta to demo. Bamboo inlay.

Update: Here's the feedback we got from Danny about the collaborative board we glassed for him (10/29/09):

"I've really been impressed with the resin. Impressive impact strength and elongation. I've been loaning this demo board out for the last couple years. It's been to Japan and Indo. Not a single pressure ding or ding of any kind. "

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