Friday, October 26, 2007

6'2" Bioboard Fish (aka Anti Turdfish)

Core: Biofoam
Glassing: Resin Research Epoxy, Bottom Bamboo, Deck Bamboo w/ Bamboo deck patch

We wanted to evaluate the bamboo glassing kit made by Greenlight Surf Supply, an eco-friendly surfboard supply company. The kit came with a DVD that went into great detail regarding how to glass using their bamboo cloth, which is similar to t-shirt material. The process is pretty involved and time consuming, with many additional steps when compared to glassing by traditional fiberglass methods. The boards come out slightly on the heavy side, as the cloth really likes to soak up resin. Interestingly, the cloth is streched taught over the boards, which supposedly create tension in the laminate. The boards seem pretty tough. Kudos to Greenlight for providing a "green" alternative to normal fiberglass.

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ERL_Shaper said...

Rode the Bamboo Anti-Turdfish today at mid-tide Bay St. Some decent WNW swell in the water made for some fun 3-4' peaky lefts and rights. (Report for the day below)

The bamboo laminate with extra deck patch feels ridiculously heavy for its size. I personally liked tuned down volume and straighter outline compared to the LA Turdfish, which is a similar but rounder shape. With the decreased volume and added weight, I think it actually paddled better into waves than its beefier cousin. Pretty quick down the line and maneuverable on today's mushy conditions. Would like to try it in some better surf though.

FRIDAY: A 7’ high tide around 9:15AM really swamps most spots through the morning. Our swell is a mixture of fading S swell and modest WNW wind/ground swell. Most of the S swell passes by the South Bay, so look for surf in the knee/thigh/waist high range at average breaks off the WNW swell. Standouts, in the far north half of the bay see a few larger sets sneak in out of the WNW from time to time.