Tuesday, June 5, 2007

6'6" Hybrid Fish

Core: Austin Foam EPS
Glassing Schedule: Bottom 6+4, Deck 6+6+4

Easy paddling, maneuverable fish hybrid.

This is the first prototype we built using a new epoxy resin. The resin has some cosmetic issues that need to be worked out.
This is Suneil's feedback after a recent Costa Rica trip.
Hey man. I just got back from costa and am checking this...despite the looks, the board is f#%*ing sick! Total hit. Costa dream board. Me and my two friends (big, decent surfers) basically fought over that thing. I ran into a guy who had a quiver of similar boards. He was amped on the thing too.

Even with the heavy glass job it flies! Can't wait to try it with a quad and lighter glass. The shape is a winner though. I rode it everything from mushy point waves to heavy overhead beach break pits. It never bogged which is pretty amazing for a fish.



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ERL_Shaper said...

Took the SunFish for it's maiden voyage at the harbor, Kona, HI on a fading SW swell, mostly lefts that day. Wave heights avg. shoulder to head, plus sets OH. Board paddled great, easy to duck dive, and paddle into waves. Made all drops, and fast turning off the bottom. Setup was 2+1 FCS Tom Carroll hollow cores. Possibly a great summer board for So Cal.

Link to photos from that day: