Tuesday, June 5, 2007

6'8" Shortboard (aka Riki Pro)

Core: EPS
Glassing Schedule for LT Version: Carbon-Fuzed Epoxy, Bottom 6, Deck 6+6
Glassing Schedule for XT Version: Carbon-Fuzed Epoxy, Bottom 6+6, Deck 6+6+4

Board was designed to be a big man's all around shortboard for small to OH conditions ala Clarke Tamariki, hence the name. This board was glassed in both a heavy (XT) and lighter (LT) schedule to see how the 2 extremes held up under Clarke's feet. Clarke was an All-American water polo player at Cal, and is now a regular at Ocean Beach. Clarke lives to surf, and the combination of him ( 6'4" 225+ lbs) surfing heavy Ocean Beach makes for a good test pilot for our durability.

Light (LT) version made it to Chile w/ Suneil Thomas. See link to Shayne Ferber's photos.


Here's Suneil's quote: "Those photos are great. Such an amazing story too. Vasco hadn't really surfed in like 5 years (he grew up in Marin and used to be pretty good). He was totally struggling on these crappy Surftechs and then got on the Riki Pro and started crushing it. He can be Entropy's "Jarred" from Subway story."


ERL_Shaper said...

Rode the LT Riki Pro at Zuma in waist to chest high peaky A frames. Mostly lefts. Paddled great for me (190-195 lbs) and caught small to med sized beach break waves easily. Board bottom turned quickly and was easy to off the lip backhand. With my weight, the board seemed to be most responsive with my back foot heavier on the tail pad, front foot around mid section. Had a lot of fun under somewhat crappy-avg conditions.

ERL_Shaper said...

Rode the LT at Bay St last Sat morning. Board was great pulling in backhand into some somewhat shallow close-outs at Bay. Was fun. Also brought board to 9star Demo day where the Aviso, Surftech, and Doc Lausch boys were all demoing their stuff. All the Aviso guys were trippin on the Riki Pro since it looked like an Aviso.

ERL_Shaper said...

LT version has now seen some mileage. Suneil took to Chile back in March-April-ish & Clark surfed LT in Hawaii in beginning of May as well as over the past weekend. A couple pressure dents on both the bottom and deck showed up after Chile. I also rode the LT at Bay St this past weekend as well as Clark, and the board definitely is starting to show some pressure dents on the deck, with one soft spot on the deck.

theriki said...


Triple overheard Rockaway...broken leash...broken fin...two scares...RikiPro unscathed!