Tuesday, June 19, 2007

7'6" Super Egg (aka Aquapussy)

Glassing: Epoxy, Bottom 6+4, Deck 6+6 +4oz Deck Patch
Deck Art: Rey

Had fun shaping this one. A big guys' funshape, or a mini-longboard for the smaller guy.


ERL_Shaper said...

Took her out to puny El Porto today. Paddles and catches waves really easy with the low rocker, as good as the 7'7" version, but definitely more maneuverable with the thinner template. Has the JS2 Futures on it, probably could use a bigger sized fin, like the F6's to give it a little more drive. But the thruster set up is definitely an improvement over the single fin on the 7'7", more hold, less drag. Possibly a better point break board than a beach break board with all that length.

ERL_Shaper said...

Surfed the 7'6" @ puny Bay St. the past 3 days, possibly under the most minimal of beach break conditions, and the thing still caught waves. When the occasional fun waist high one came through that acutally peeled, I'd have to say the 7'6" was pretty smooth and fast. Took it both backside and frontside. Turned smoothly off the bottom and trimmed nicely up and down the face. Even had a couple backside off the lips, which did take a little effort. Not really a short board, and requires some effort if you try to surf it that way. I also switched the fins to the AM2's which are basically the largest template Futures makes for the thruster set up. Noticeably more drive and control vs the JC2's. But definitely a lot of board in this one and requires some weight to throw it around (185 lbs+). Any lighter, and it's a longboard. I'm thinking about making the next version more of a performance funshape, thin out the foil considerably and take down the rails. Probably add a little more rocker while I'm at it. Also, change the fin setup to a 2+1, to make it optional single fin.

guichard said...

I surfed aquapussy a few times at bay st....broke it out in minimal summertime surf and could definitely generate good speed considering the conditions. i'm weighing in at about 170. paddled into pretty much anything that came my way and still felt like i could throw it around a bit...aquapussy's loose enough to have some fun with.