Wednesday, February 7, 2007

7'7" Funshape

Dimensions: 7'7" x 23" x 3"
Single fin, 6+4 oz deck, 6 oz bottom.


ERL_Shaper said...

Took board out to Sunset on 2-1-07 at low tide. Fading WNW swell (270-280) was still providing some knee to waist high waves. Board paddled easily, like a longboard. Easily caught waves. A little slow on take-off, but smooth turning once going down the line, easily making sections. Able to pump or scoot forward to generate speed.

Pics of Sunset that day.

Anonymous said...

I suck at surfing but I still caught a couple waves on this board. More long board than funshape but paddles really well. Perfect Sunset waist/shoulder board.

ERL_Shaper said...

Took out again to Sunset on 2-10-07 on rising med. tide (3ft). (Surfline: Modest NW(290-300) swell is gradually fading and little SW(190-200) swell holds minimal.) Waves were mostly knee high. I switched the single fin from the 9.5" Bioflex to a 7" True Ames. I think this switch gave the board had a lot less drive off of bottom turns. Trimmed more like a long board with the 7" fin. Thinking about switching back to the 9.5" bioflex until I find a more suitable single fin. Probably 8-9".